03 November 2009

My first post!

Okej, so I figured I'd start a blog about the exchange since there's a possibility of it happening finally! I'm making this so I don't have to re-tell the same story to my family and friends a bajillion times.

So...let's start out with an about me:

I'm Kelsey, I'm 16, and I'm from a small town in Northwest Washington.
To be honest, I've only been considering exchange since September of this year -2009-.
I've done mass amounts of research on exchanging, trying to figure out which program to go with, which country would be best, which languages I would like to learn, what I have to do academically to graduate in the year I'm supposed to.
I'll be going on exchange my senior year; that means I'm getting enough credits to graduate this year, which is an incredibly difficult task.

I sent in my prelim application October 10th and found out today -Nov. 3- that I have an interview on the 12th at 4. It was such a long month that I waited to hear those words, "I'd love to hear more about you! Does Thursday at 4 sound good?"

Gaaaaaaaah :D
I'm nervous for districts already and I haven't even been accepted by my club.

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