12 April 2010

Host school and families!

I realised I never posted about knowing my host school!!
Collège Saint-Roch in Ferrières, Belgium. It's absolutely stunning.

Now, as for my host families! I haven't gotten any emails or anything neat like that, but our awesome Belgian website tells us a bunch of info, such as host district, club, school and families, all before Guarantee Forms even come! So, I know that I will be living in:
Comblain-La-Tour (Hamoir)


and Ferrières.

I'm so excited. I can't wait to start emailing!
(Happy now, Soph? ;D)


  1. Omg, the second picture from the bottom looks absolutely gorgeous! And yeah, I am happy :D Although I am a little late ^^;

  2. Hey Kelsey ! :D OMG, I can't believe it :D You're coming to my school next year ! ^^ I knew there were someone going to the USA with the Rotary this year but I hadn't heard about who would come here :) Well, we'll maybe be in the same 'grade' or the same class:D Who knows ? I'll be in the last year which we call here " sixième" or more communly "rhéto" :D
    It's so cool ! ^^ I don't live myself near Ferrières but whatever xD By the way, my name is Salomé :) PS: I don't use that much Google account as you can see x'D I'm more into Facebook :')