14 August 2010


I made it to Belgium a little more than 24 hours ago. The flights were okay, kind of crappy, but they're flights.
My host family is simply amazing. They are what is keeping me here. If my host family sucked, I would have turned right around and gone back to the US, quite honestly.

But my host mom makes me feel so comfortable and my little host sister, Valentine, is such a sweetheart. My host dad reminds me of my own daddy, except in the french form. I'm learning new words everytime I speak with someone in the house, especially my host dad since he doesn't speak English. So far today, I've learned how to say cheese (fromage), dog (chien), cat (chat), cow (vache), book (livre), cabinet/closet (armoire), et fridge (frigo). (My host family has a sort of farm, and I love it). And I've only been awake for 2 hours! :D I seriously slept forever though. From 2pm to midnight, and 5am until 10am. Now, my host mom is giving me some time to read and such and I think I may go take a walk in the garden later on. I'll post pictures on facebook sooner or later. :)


  1. you need to teach me french...just in case we come visit.. lol. and i can't believe you didn't know CHEESE. even i knew that one!!

  2. Wow, your host family sounds fantastic! And you seem to be learning fast :)
    I love your host sisters name, it's legit! I hope you continue to have such a great time in Belgium :D