13 October 2010

Au revoir Belgique.

Ah yes. My last blog post from Belgium. I kind of regret not doing more of them, but whatever. I have the memories. I'm sitting in the Brussels airport watching my plane pull in and get itself checked and ready. The sky is gorgeous. Foggy, but the sun is shining through. Anyways, I came here to tell you about my last adventure in Belgium.

Yesterday, the other exchanger in my town and I took a train to Jemelle after he got out of school to meet up with 2 other exchangers. We decided to meet there because it's the only place our train routes intersect. Turns out Jemelle is a zombie-ridden ghost town. We left the train station and just walked around town for a bit and guess what? We found nothing. So we hopped another train to Libramont, the next town over, and stayed there for until we had to go home. We walked around there for about an hour, searching for food. We eventually walked back towards the station after finding no relatively cheap food (much to our disappointment at first), but we then found the most exciting little store. It's just great. So great. We bought ourselves some beer and a bag of chips each, and headed out to a little grassy patch and just sat around and talked. It was fantastic and so awesome to spend my last day in Belgium with them.

That's about it. I land in Seattle in 21 hours, according to the countdown on my desktop. I'll see you all soon.

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